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My review of Psychic Christopher Golden is all positive. I have been able to rely on his accurate psychic predictions and his vast spiritual wisdom for years. My life has been made better because of his insights and my willingness to follow his advice. 

Peggy S.

I did a lot of research before finding Chris. Talked to many phony spell casters and fakes. Right away he got right down to what was going on in my life, like dead-on. Then he explained why and what to do to fix it. I had a lot of questions because he was talking about stuff I've never heard of, but not spells or curses he said "metaphysics" and some stuff about consciousness. I liked that he knew immediately what was wrong but was unsure about the solutions he said because it was all foreign to me. I decided to work with him just to see if following what he said would improve things. It did. A whole bunch of bad patterns in my life are now gone and I know this because I get different results from things I try to accomplish than I did before. Of course the most important good result has to do with my family life. I'm so glad I trusted Chris. I don't normally like to write reviews but I'm doing this one because maybe theres other people who don't understand all the metaphysics stuff but can benefit if they know who to turn to. For me it was Chris and that is my recommendation to anyone else who is dealing with big obstacles and barriers and bad patterns. Chris is an expert at all that stuff. He really helped me.

Carol G.

Very satisfied. Accurate psychic predictions. Good life advice. Explains metaphysics. Was able to solve a difficult problem for me. Pretty much perfect.

I reached out to Chris to help me stop a bad breakup that was happening. I followed everything he said to do and within about 2 weeks things were actually better than normal. So I owe this man a debt of gratitude. Thank you to this psychic Christopher Golden.

Nick C.

Christopher -

 When I first contacted you my husband had left and said he wanted a divorce.  I thought it was all over, but I could not let go. There was so much hurt between us and there was also another woman in the picture. I'm glad I did not give up or listen to the advice my mother was giving me. I'm glad I contacted you instead. You said it wasn't going to be easy and it wasn't. But boy it was worth it! Your Energy Work got me my husband back. My marriage has been renewed and so have I. We both feel like we've been lifted out of a rut. I wish I could tell him about you but I'm going to take your advice and not do that.  So I'm writing you this email that you can use on your site, because I want everyone to know that you are for real.  You worked a miracle in my life and I am filled with so much gratitude. Thank you for restoring my faith in men and my faith in love!


Houston, TX 

I'm glad I found this review page. It lead me to psychic Chris Golden. I have spoken to many psychics, but I must say I'd rank him as by far the best. Lots of details. Lot's of accuracy about my past and certain people in my life. This is why I have some faith that his predictions about my future are probably true. He helped me understand some of the motivations of people who I'm dealing with and that helped me make an important decision which turned out to be the right decision. So I give me a big thumbs up as far as psychic readings go.  

Lizzy H.
New York, NY

I cannot possibly thank Christopher Golden enough for the positive impact he has had on my life. I have to admit when I first reached out to Christopher I was a bit skeptical about his services but my friend Diane had convinced me that I needed to give his services a shot (especially since he helped her so much in the past). From the moment I reached out to Christopher, he was very professional and he was genuinely interested in helping me. The guidance, wisdom and clarity he provided to me helped give me the strength I needed to confront my ex and really work to get him back in my life. Christopher certainly hit the nail on the head with many things he told me and he also said some things I needed to hear. I am not even sure how Christopher knows some of the things he knows but what I do know today is that his is one gifted psychic and his services are 100% legitimate. Without Christopher Golden’s help I would have never been able to work things through with my ex and have the wonderful family life I have today. If you are in a situation like mine you have to contact Christopher Golden before it’s too late. He can help you. His services get my highest recommendation. 

Jenn A.

Brampton ON Canada


I moved away from my hometown to take an amazing career opportunity. The only trouble was I left behind my high school sweetheart as he was unable to move due to work at the time. We had agreed to do a long distance relationship but when I learned he was seeing someone else I was devastated. I tried everything to get him back and nothing worked. As a last resort I went online to find a psychic to help me and that is how I found Christopher Golden. With Christopher’s help and support I was able to get my high school sweetheart back and I didn’t think it would have ever been possible. Christopher Golden is the real deal. See for yourself how good he is.


Toronto, ON, Canada 

When I first enlisted Christopher’s services my life was a mess and I was scared for the future. My husband walked out on me and our 4 small kids and insisted he was getting a divorce. I had no job, no family close by and no friends (I had lost touch raising 4 small kids). Christopher told me everything would be ok and gave me some guidance for getting him back. I didn’t believe him at first but he was RIGHT. My husband realized the mistake he made, came back to our family and we’ve been working on strengthening our love and its now better than ever. Christopher Golden was my rock and guide when I needed someone to get my through my rut. I can’t say enough about his services.


Beverly Hills 


I think I got more out of 2 phone sessions with psychic Christopher than I ever have with a therapist, with all the therapists. He was/is amazing. I asked him why I was getting so much more out of talking to him than professional therapists and he said it was because he treats the person and the soul. I would just add to that it helps he can also see my past and present and future. I wish I could afford to talk to him more often but these two sessions set me on a whole new path. So I'm very excited and I'm inspired and just really glad I got to talk to you. That's my recommendation to anyone who is trying to find there way.

I suffered from depression since I was a teenager and over the years things got progressively worse as I was not seeking proper treatment. I lost my career and then my husband of 22years. I was in the lowest place in my life and didn’t want to continue living alone in all this pain. I reached out to Christopher as I had always wanted to speak with a psychic and he gave me hope. He helped me realize I needed to take care of myself, love myself and he helped me see that I could get my ex-husband back. Christopher is a genuine, caring and talented man and I couldn’t have picked a better psychic to work with. I’ve spent lots of money working with Christopher but it has been well worth it. I love myself again and this June my ex and I will be getting married again.


Dubai, UAE / Ohio, USA 


Christopher -

I really owe you everything. I was stubborn at first about taking your advice but you got me back my man! You understand things about me without me having to say. Everything you said about my past was spot on and your predictions came true. I wanted to thank you because you showed me how to stop sabotaging my relationship and other parts of my life. You are truly compassionate and so patient. I went to a psychic because I was at the end of my rope and willing to try anything. I wanted my ex back and I really had my doubts that you could do that, but you did. I feel right now like everything is possible. I have the love of my life back and I owe it all to you!

Angie W.
Dana Point, CA


My boyfriend and I were about ready to break up which is something I didn't want to do. Christopher helped with my relationship issues and helped me understand why certain things were happening. He connected to details that there could have been no knowledge of prior. They mostly had to do with my past and things I'd been through. That was a big help to me. Thanks for the push I needed to become the person I've always wanted to be and allowing me to move on from that past. You helped my boyfriend and me to get back on track. Thank you!  


New York, NY 


Hi Chris -

I've been meaning to write this testimonial for quite some time but I've been a little pre-occupied. Now that I have some down time, I wanted to thank you, and hopefully share my story with others. I've been married to my husband for 21 years. We have had many many good years, and a few bad ones as well. I started struggling with the thought of cheating for over six months. It was really tearing me apart, but I think the curiosity of being with another man was becoming more overwhelming. When I married my husband, we were young, dumb, and in love. Don't get me wrong, I still loved him, but there was something eating away at me. My husband is a loving person, but I felt like there was something missing in my life. We ended up separating for about 8 months while I found myself. After doing some serious soul searching, I realized the single life was never meant for me, and I missed my husband. But apparently he was doing some soul searching as well because he began seeing another woman. I was devastated. Even though it was my fault for leaving, I was still jealous and hurt. I felt stupid for leaving my lover, soul mate, and best friend for a mere fantasy. I didn't know if I would ever get him back. I called you to get some clarity on what to do. I was uncertain if he would take me back or not. You did some metaphysical work and then told me that he would come around in due time. I patiently waited, and waited, and you were right. I got my husband back. Being reunited with him felt like I was meeting him all over again for the first time. Now I feel like we're closer than ever. I hope my story helps other realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Thank you Christopher for making me realize the value of what I had and for making it possible to have a second chance with the man I love.


Nashville, TN 


Chris -

Here's an update for you. Four years ago I moved away from Chicago to Beverly Hills in search of a brighter future. I left behind not only my family & friends, but a wonderful man as well. He had a great thriving career back home, while I dreamed of pursuing a career in the film industry. When we were together, it was great. It was actually the only great relationship I've ever had in my 30 years on this earth. He was sweet, smart, caring, and basically everything I ever wanted in a man. When I lost my job and decided to move to California to takeacting classes, he was super supportive about my decision, but he was still crushed. We tried the long distance thing for about a year, but it was hard on both of us. Since then, we've both been in several different relationships, but nothing has been serious nor special as the one we had. Things have been up and down in my acting career, which is to be expected, but I still wondered "what if I stayed with him, would I still be happy". I needed to know if a real relationship was in my future, so I contacted you. That was the call that changed my life. If I didn't call you, I would've missed out on the opportunity to be with the only man I truly loved. I flew back to Chicago and spent a few weeks with my family and my exboyfriend. By the end of that trip, we were back together. He relocated to California with me, and we're now engaged to be married next August. I owe it all to you. Thank you so very much my Psychic Genius! :-)


Beverly Hills, CA / Chicago, IL 


Psychic Chris -

You have saved my marriage! I’ve been married for over 6 & 1/2 years, and things have been a bit rocky between my husband and me for the past two years. He’s been really distant with me lately, and barely talks to me. And when he does talk to me, we end up getting into an argument. I was beginning to think he was no longer attracted to me or something. We haven’t been intimate since I’ve had our second child in December. Not only that, but he chooses to sleep on the couch instead of being in the bed with me. I was stressed and depressed about the whole ordeal. He’s a good man and a great father, but I knew something was going on with him but I couldn’t figure out what it was. I was afraid we were going down the road to divorce, which would’ve been hard on me, especially since we have two small children who needs both of their parents. I decided to seek some metaphysical help. I ended up finding your website and read most of your testimonials which gave me some hope. I haven’t consulted a psychic since I was in my 20’s, but I knew it was the only way I could figure out if getting a divorce was the right thing to do. The things you told me made complete sense. Later that night I sat my husband down and hand a nice heart to heart with him (as you suggested), and he told me he’s been feeling less of a man since he’s been unemployed. He was stressing about having no income and a new baby (and I used the choice of words you said and... wow!). We worked things out and he’s found a new job and we’re doing just fine. Thanks a million!


Miami, FL 


Chris -

I just wanted to let you know that he left me a note on my car this morning and when I got to work there were flowers from him to me!  He says he wants to work things out and knows what he wants now.  I don't know how you did it but I am so thankful I found you and listened to what you said.

Shaunna P.
Austin, TX 


Hey Chris -

I gotta admit that I would never thought in a million years that I would ever call a psychic. I’m sure there aren’t many guys who do, but then again, you are the first male psychic that I know about, so I figured you could help me. My girlfriend had recently broke up with me because she said I had "no ambition". She said she needed to be with someone who "wanted to do something with their life besides sit around and play video games all day". Ouch. I’ve never felt this strongly about a woman before, so I wanted to know if she was the one. When you confirmed that she was worth fighting for, I wanted to get my act together. Yo showed me how to break out of the bad pattern I was in and I found a job making decent money, and became the man she said she always knew I was capable of being. Things are better than ever now basically because of you. Thanks Chris. You’re the man! You said everyone who comes into your life is because of karma. I'm still not sure what that means but I'm glad I found you.


Boston, MA


I had been seeing this guy for almost four months and then one day he was gone and seemed to just fall off the planet. The two phone numbers I had for him no longer worked. I really thought we had something special going on. I decided on an email reading through Psychic90210. Christopher confirmed that he had to go overseas and was not allowed to contact anyone due to the kind of work he was doing there. He also stated that he’d be back within the next month and will show up at my door with flowers. As incredible as that may sound to you that is more or less exactly what happened. Before the reading I felt hurt and abandoned. Now we are crazy about each other and engaged.  


Beverly Hills, CA 


Christopher -

I've never called a psychic before, but you have made my first experience really worthwhile. The thought never crossed my mind to call one until I started suspecting my boyfriend was cheating. He was acting different, and I wasn't sure why. He would stay out late with his friends, lock his phone whenever we were together, and rushed me off the phone anytime we talked. We haven't been dating long, but the past four relationships I've been in, turned out to be nothing but headaches, and I refused to go through it again. Whenever I confronted him about his actions, he would always flip the script and accuse me of cheating, which is the classic behavior of a guilty party. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any evidence to prove my theory at the time, so I tried to let it go, but my woman's intuition wouldn't let me. One day I was messing around on the internet, and an idea popped in my head. I wondered if a psychic could tell me what I should do about my situation. There were many psychics that came up in the search results, but I picked you because you had a local number and your website seemed very genuine. When you told me my intuition was right and I should consider rekindling an old flame, I was relieved to get out of my current relationship. I wasn't sure what old flame you were talking about until three weeks ago. An old boyfriend contacted me on facebook and asked me out. It was weird and out of the blue, but it was the sign you mentioned on our call. I am quite happy with the way things been going with us, and want to thank you for your insight and input. This has been a very pleasurable experience.


Beverly Hills, CA


Christopher -

You went above and beyond. Thanks for making things right between me and my ex. We have a new life now and we don't argue like we used to. Also you were right that I wouldn't have to worry anymore about everything falling apart. We're solid like you said we'd be. Anyways, I just wanted to write in and tell you how much you are appreciated.
Dubai, UAE 


Chris -

I always have incredible readings full of insight with you. I really didn't feel I was in a reading per se, but more like talking to a friend. You knew my situation precisely and yet I never told you anything about myself. Your intuitive skills were very accurate at perceiving what was happening with me. You were non-judgmental and highly insightful. After I hang up I felt elated. I always have the best psychic readings with you. You are truly my spiritual guide!


Newport Beach, CA 


I was always a bit skeptical about psychic readings, but then through a friend of mine I heard about Christopher Golden. He couldn't stop bragging about him. I really liked my new boyfriend, but had a few doubts and wanted to know if he was a good match for me. Nothing Christopher mentioned to me was general, which was what I expected at first. He knew the kind of work my boyfriend was in, his car type, his style of clothes and even his crazy hobbies. The biggest one for me was getting his personality exactly right. I'm no longer a skeptic. No matter what you're dealing with in your life, I encourage you to work with this exceptional Beverly Hills psychic.


Washington D. C.


Chris -

Thanks for getting me through a hard time in my life. You're the coolest!
Your predictions and advice were my light in the darkness.
Austin, Texas


Christopher -

It's scary sometimes to think about what would have happened if I had not found you. You really made everything turn around for the best. My life was put on hold and I was stuck and you got me back to living and loving and being me again. I will always consider you my number one adviser on any situation where I know I could do better. You brought me back to the one I love and I will never forget you for that.
Newport Beach, CA


I had no particular reason to have a psychic reading other than to find out interesting things that may happen in my life in the next few months. Chris made my jaw drop when he picked up that I would be the owner of a new property in another country soon. This was something I was striving for, but didn’t think it would come about for five years at the least. He mentioned the people evolved and the events leading up to my new ownership as well as a friend of mine who would make it all possible. A couple of months after my reading I was offered the house at a price that was quite undervalue. I couldn’t be more pleased and am so happy.




Christopher -

I'll be back for another psychic reading soon!
Worth every penny! You are a real accurate psychic.
I find that rare. Thanks for being honest.  
Laguna Beach, CA


Beverly Hills Psychic with Beverly Hills prices.  However he did help me to get my ex back.  So, I'm not complaining.  Spoken to him several times and each time he's told me something new and useful.

Beverly Hills, CA


When I first landed on Christopher’s website I will be honest - I said there is no way this guy is worth the money he is charging. After using the services of other psychics and not getting the services I needed I finally caved and I paid the price. Christopher Golden is honestly worth every amount of money and more!! He is a real gemstone and in no time he was able to get my ex back for me. He did what others couldn’t do and that was key. Christopher you are the best!


Dubai, UAE


Chris -

You are the ultimate "love guru" and I mean that in the best way :)
I highly recommend you to anyone who is looking to get their
love life in order and get rid of drama and be happy.
Hong Kong


Christopher -

Just wanted to check in and say that everything is a-okay here. Pretty much just like you said it would be. We're back together and my bad habits (okay most of them anyway lol) are gone. You are a miracle worker, babe!

Incline Village, NV


Until I met Christopher Golden I had never had a phone reading. I felt like I had an almost immediate connection with him. He was friendly, perceptive and has a great positive attitude. I was blown away by all the things he knew about the lady in my life that there was just no way of him knowing. He has a gift of inner-knowing and his messages are precise. Everything mentioned made so much sense to me. It was an excellent psychic reading that was very honest and straightforward. Perfect!  


Princeton, NJ 


Christopher -

I have a secret weapon and it's you. Thank you again for taking a messy situation and putting it back together. And thanks for the long nights on the phone showing me how to get my disaster under control. Okay, just wanted to mention also that I still don't know how you are able to know what other people are thnking, but as it turns out you were right about him. You were right about everything. I have a new happiness I want to hold on to. You gave me that. I hope you never retire because just knowing that you're there in case things ever get choppy again gives me a lot of stress relief.   You did well by me. Thank you a million times over!
Aspen, CO


Christopher -

Your psychic forecast proved to be correct. Although I am still struggling with unrelated issues, the issue for which I had hired you to advise has been completely resolved. Thus I will very likely return, to consider resolving these other matters very soon. You have been forthright and honest from the beginning. I think you are a very gifted and talented young man with some amazing abilities. It brings me joy to see someone such as yourself doing some good in the world. Keep growing, keep sharing your gift. You have certainly made a difference in my life. Keep up the good work.
New York, NY


Hey Christopher!

It’s been over three months since I’ve had my reading, but I wanted to thank you for giving me the answers I needed. I don’t know if you’ll remember me or not, but I’m going to give you a rundown about my situation. I’ve had a crush on this guy George since junior high school. We were just associates back then and didn’t become true friends until after his parents got divorced when we got to high school. I knew what he was going through at the time, because I had went through the same situation with my folks a few years before. We got really close, but once we graduated we lost contact. I just recently ran back into him earlier this year, and we’ve been spending a lot of time together, but he never made a move on me. I was getting mixed signals from him, so I wasn’t sure if he wanted to just restore our friendship or become something more. When I called you, I didn’t know what to expect. You told me that our friendship would blossom into something special, but I needed to take things slow and wait for him to make the first move. You told me to continue to be a good friend, and he will come around and finally express himself to me. I did as you said and waited a few weeks, but after a month I started to get worried things wasn’t going to happen for us. Then one day we were watching a movie at his house and he broke down and told me how he never been so comfortable with a woman and asked me out on a real date. I was all smiles, and couldn’t help but to think about our conversation. We’ve been going strong ever since that night. Thank you so much for teaching me how to be patient and wait for love to come to me. You are great at what you do Chris!


Austin, TX 


Christopher -

I have never written a testimonial before but you are totally worth writing about. I've always been into astrology but my horoscopes were never 100% true, so I've been dying to talk to a psychic who could give me an accurate reading regarding my love life. I've gotten accustomed to dating jerks. Since I've been old enough to date, I've been attracted to bad boys. I’ve had many break-ups and heartaches. I think being alone has always scared me, so I would jump from relationship to relationship looking for the right guy. I'm only 24 and can't even remember how many boyfriends I've had; that's how bad my dating history is. The longest relationship I've ever had was 1 and a half years. I saw the movie "What's Your Number?" and it made me wonder if I have already dated the guy I was destined to be with, so I tracked down the guy I was with the longest. I tried giving us another shot, but I quickly realized why I dumped him in the first place. He was verbally abusive. Instead of contacting every guy I've ever dated, I found your number online and called for some guidence. I found my reading quite interesting. I was surprised to hear that I should focus on the present and not the past. At the time it wasn't clear to me what you meant. Then I started to see more signs that the mystery person was one of my co-workers. I always thought he was cute in a Jesse Elseberg kind of way, but never thought of him romantically. He's totally the opposite of what I'm use to dating, but I figured it was worth a try. He turned out to be exactly what I needed. He's definitely 100% better than any other guy I've ever dated. I'm extremely happy, and not just with him, but with your reading/service. You were spot on and the metaphysical work you did broke me out of my bad pattern. If I never made that call, I might’ve passed up a really great guy and a better life. Thanks!

Much Love,


Palm Springs, CA